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 Arnorian Military table



 Name  Level  Attack  Defence  Weapon Image 
 Arnorian Royal Guard  15  40  95  Spear  

The Arnorian Royal Guard protected the mighty kings of Arnor for hundreds of years.Armed with long spears, they are strong against cavalry, but weak against archers.They are the best defensive unit.

 Arnorian Royal Archers  12  70  20  Bow  
The Arnorian Royal Archers, chosen from the best archers in the land, protect the kings and lords of Arnor.They are strong against infantry, but weak inmen-to-men combat       
 Arnorian Royal Swordsmen  11  65  25  Sword  
 The royal swordsmen protect their King whether campaigning,or in the royal city.Their swords are strong against archers, but weak against enemy cavalry.      
Arnorian Light Cavalry  7  70  20  Spear  
  The Arnorian light Cavalry protect the king while campaigning     
 Lhúndorenan Archers  7  50  30  Bow  
     The Lhúndorenan archers were sent from the Halfelven- halfhuman fiefdom of Lhúndorenan to protect the king  
 Arthedain Line infantry  5  30  20  Spear  
     The line infantry are raised from the pre-edain Eriadorians. After Elendil gave their lords their original lands, they swore loyalty to Arnor.  
 Cardolaín Cavalry  5  45  10  Sabre  
 The Cardolaín were raised from  the Cardolaín, related to the Endwaith     
 Rhudaurim Archers  4  30  7  Bow  
 The Rhudaurim    fought for their land